Dear Business Partner,

Nearly two years after launching, we are pleased to share with you the excellent servicing turnaround times we are achieving, largely enabled through our investment into digital technology and process management.

By deploying AI and machine learning within our online member application, about 20% of applications are instantly processed without human intervention.

And as the machine learning process gains more knowledge over time, so the proportion of applications automatically processed is increasing. The remaining applications are queued within our system for validation of 2 or maybe 3 data fields by an administrator.

This literally takes a few seconds per application and gives us an overall average issuing time for all applications of less than 20 minutes.

We hold the unique distinction of never having had an intermediary or member contact us to follow up on an application.

Our claims processing times have also been substantially shortened through technology. The real-time online submission form provides instant confirmation of receipt and an immediate allocation of the claim into the work-flow process.

An assessor is able to commence processing a claim literally within seconds of a member submitting it.

The positive result is that around 50% of our claims are paid within less than 48 hours of submission, with an overall average turnaround time of 3.6 days for all claims.

Our WhatsApp channel has also proven itself popular for member queries.

We’ve seen that the vast majority of members prefer using this channel and the chat bot is able to automatically and instantly resolve around 40% of queries. For more specific or complex queries, the chat is routed to an administrator for resolution.

Altogether, our average resolution time for all queries is under 2 minutes for the automated chat bot queries and under 7 minutes for queries handled by an administrator.

The average number of complaints received per month is less than 0.3 per 1,000 policies.

Our strategy to deploy digital technology is making everyone’s lives easier – a certain all-round winner! We hope you will enjoy the journey with us.

I welcome any comments, queries or discussions. Please feel free to drop me a note on

Kind regards,

Michael Settas
Managing Director