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What is Gap cover?2020-10-02T15:40:38+02:00

Gap Cover is insurance that supplements your medical scheme cover to ensure that you are not left with amounts still owing to doctors after major medical treatment.

What does it cover me for?2020-10-02T15:40:10+02:00

Generally, gap cover covers shortfalls that occur when you are hospitalised, such as the shortfall on a surgeon’s fee or an upfront payment that you have to pay to the hospital when you are admitted.

There is cover for other major medical treatments that occur outside of hospital, such as oncology or dialysis treatment.

What additional benefits are included?2020-10-02T15:39:47+02:00

Other supplementary benefits include cover at a casualty ward for accidental emergencies, the excess payable if you claim on your international travel insurance and daily hospital cash benefits for long hospital stays following an accident.

Lump sum benefits are also payable for certain defined health events to assist with non-medical costs that arise, eg cancer diagnosis or disability from an accident

How does Cinagi Gap Cover give me peace of mind?2020-10-02T15:39:13+02:00

Besides the financial security provided by our comprehensive benefits, Cinagi also gives you access to the world’s best doctors when you are required to make a major medical treatment decision. All Cinagi members have access to the Medical Second Opinion (MSO) service provided by our partners, Mediguide International. This allows you to get a review of your local diagnosis and tests by internationally renowned doctors at top medical facilities, such as Cleveland Clinic, John Hopkins, Harvard Medical School, etc. There are more than 100 world class facilities from which you can choose, giving you total peace of mind that before you decide on treatment, you are certain of the diagnosis and what treatment options are available.

What is excluded from cover?2020-10-02T15:38:43+02:00

In general, the main treatments that gap cover does not cover are routine day-to-day care, specialised dentistry, claims when you are in your self-payment gap, chronic medicines and any service that is excluded by your medical scheme (gap cover is only allowed to cover shortfalls on services that are covered by your scheme).

How do I apply for cover?2020-10-05T08:02:42+02:00

Cinagi has an easy, online process for you to apply – you can click here to apply. Make sure you consult with your healthcare broker before applying – if you do not have a broker, please contact us and we will refer you to one of our preferred brokers.

Who can I cover on my Policy?2020-10-02T15:37:49+02:00

Your spouse and/or children are eligible for cover under your policy and you must all be covered under the same medical scheme membership. If you have split medical scheme membership in your family, you will need to take out 2 separate policies.

What Waiting Periods Apply?2020-10-02T15:37:15+02:00

If you do not currently have gap cover with another provider, a 3-month general and 12-month condition specific waiting period will apply.

Can I transfer my existing gap cover to Cinagi?2020-10-02T15:36:52+02:00

Yes – on the application form we ask if you have existing cover and the details thereof. We will then be able to inform you if you will have any waiting periods. In most instances, you will be able to transfer to Cinagi without any waiting periods.

I currently have Cinagi Gap Cover on my employer’s group scheme – can I continue with cover in my private capacity if I resign from my employer?2020-10-02T15:35:57+02:00

Yes – you can transfer your cover and if your employer was deducting and paying across the monthly premiums, you will have to complete a debit order authority for us to deduct the monthly premiums. If you have been on your employer’s group scheme for more than 12 months, you will not have any waiting periods applied. Your new premium may also change depending on your employer’s group scheme rate.

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