Getting a Medical Second Opinion

Getting a Medical Second Opinion

Our Medical Second Opinion (MSO) service is provided by our business partner, Mediguide International LLC. Mediguide’s World Leading Medical Research Centres (WLMRC) enables you to make the most informed decision possible about your diagnosis and local treatment options.

Each of the WLMRC combine extensive medical research with expert clinical practice that gives them the most advanced knowledge globally in their chosen medical field. These centres are renowned for their medical research advancements, cutting-edge treatments and the overall quality of their clinical outcomes.

Once you activate your MSO in the form below, a local Mediguide representative will contact you arrange for the collation of your medical records and also to choose which WLMRC you wish to have your MSO done. A short list of 3 WLMRC will be provided, based on their field of clinical expertise and your local diagnosis.

Your MSO evaluation occurs remotely, conducted by a multi-disciplinary team of expert physicians who practice at the WLMRC.

There are no out-of-pocket costs for requesting or receiving a medical second opinion.

Once you complete the form below, a Mediguide representative will be in touch with you to arrange for the medical second opinion. For more information about how the MSO process is undertaken, please view the following video –

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