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We offer comprehensive healthcare  solutions to both the insured and uninsured South African market.

Superior Benefits

Each of the Cinagi products offers the most comprehensive benefits for all your healthcare needs.

Flexible and Affordable

Whether you are an insured member looking to bolster your medical scheme benefits or an employer looking for a cost effective and sustainable healthcare solution for your employees we have you covered. We have an affordable, flexible pricing structure that adjusts  according to your needs.

Lower administration fees

With our drive towards providing innovative healthcare solutions coupled with our strategic relationship with Infiniti Insurance and National Health care we are able to provide administrative services at a cost far lower than what you will find in the market.

Tailored Solutions

Our unique product offerings allows intermediaries to tailor healthcare solutions in accordance with the needs of each employer.

Medical Second Opinion

The international Medical Second Opinion (MSO) service is free to Cinagi members, giving you access to a second opinion from the world’s leading medical minds at internationally renowned medical research centres.

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Should you want get hold of us you can do so by making use of one of our digital channels designed to make your experience as seamless as possible.

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