Emergency accident cover

As an employer, you know that the wellbeing of your employees is as important to them as it is to your business. For those employees who are not able to access private medical aid cover, they are left exposed to the overstretched public services that are not always able to deliver the care necessary to support their wellbeing, especially in an emergency.

Therefore, Cinagi developed Accident Cover for employer groups. With our affordable group solution, you and your employees can rest assured that in the event of an accident or public unrest, your employees can access quality private healthcare services for emergency stabilisation and treatment.

Features of cinagi accident cover

Accident Scene Stabilisation

Lifemed 911 will provide resuscitation and stabilisation treatment at the scene of an accident to ensure that accident victims can be evacuated as safely as possible to the nearest private hospital.

Emergency Medical Transport

Lifemed 911 delivers a nationwide ambulance evacuation service to ensure that accident victims are transported to the nearest appropriate private hospital.

Emergency Casualty Cover

We cover emergency treatment in a casualty ward of a private hospital for injuries resulting from accidents. This benefit is limited to R19,000 per event for both the Base and Plus options.

Accidental Death Cover

Accidental death cover is automatically included
Base Option
= R8,000
Plus Option

Emergency Hospital Cover

We cover emergency treatment in the general, high care or ICU ward of a private hospital for injuries resulting from accidents. This benefit is limited to:
Base Option – R400,000 / event Plus Option – R1 million / event

Extender Benefit

Daily accident payout R800 paid when hospitalised for 3 days or more (max = 14 days)

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At Cinagi, we are committed to excellence. Our many years of experience in the healthcare industry, combined with excellent service levels gives you the peace of mind that you have the best health insurance cover available.

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