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What basket of services we offer employers

A national network of over 10 000 doctors, pharmacies and other providers supported by digital health technology and financial innovation is used to deliver reliable, affordable and accessible care. 

Service Category Elite       Premier Connect
GP Consultations
Virtual Advice & GP Consultations
GP Procedures ❌
Acute Medication
Chronic Medication ❌
Radiology ❌
Dentistry ❌ ❌
Optometry ❌ ❌
Maternity ❌
HIV Screening ❌
FLU Vaccination ❌
Health Assessment ❌
Employee Assistance Programme

The primary care services are part of a basket of employer-funded services. These services are administered on behalf of the employer by National HealthCare, a registered Managed Care Organisation (MCO: 110)

Stand-alone accident cover can be included with each basket of services. For more info on Cinagi’s standalone accident cover click here.

Stand Alone Accident Cover Cost Per Employee
R400 000 Cover R89.00
R1 000 000 Cover R107.00
For more detail click here

How does an Employer Funded Primary Healthcare Solution work

  • Together with you the employer, we define a basket of services you would like to make available to your employees.
  • We agree on a monthly funding amount (MFA) to provide these services.
  • You choose a date from which time forward you will cover your employees for the agreed basket of services.
  • You deposit the agreed MFA into your dedicated reimbursement bank account.

  • We will collect all the doctor accounts arising from your employees receiving approved treatment from that date onwards.

  • All accounts will be administered by us, with payment directly to these providers out of your dedicated reimbursement account.

  • We will provide you with a monthly schedule showing the provider invoices and payments for inclusion in your financial statements and VAT returns.
  • Any surplus from the above transactions is retained in your reimbursement account.
  • We will provide a monthly schedule  showing the deposit required by you to top the reimbursement account back up to the MFA.

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